6 Reasons Why Your Sales Page Doesn’t Convert

So your sales page doesn’t convert. Don’t freak out…

There are reasons for that low conversion rate—6 of them. Ready to identify and avoid the 6 sales page mistakes that keep your profits at a standstill?

Then keep reading.

1.    The sales page has a scattered marketing message.

Does the sales page copy focus on more than one product? Then the sales page won’t convert. When you only write about only one product or service, the audience sees compounding benefits—instead of feeling confused and clicking off into the nether realms of cyber space.

2.   The sales page is too busy. 

Nothing like a nice, clean sales page to increase your conversion rate. But if you include too many graphics, distracting color schemes, and large chunks of copy that doesn’t flow…

Well, the sales page won’t sell at all.

3.   Are those buy buttons? 

When you intend to have a clickable graphic, make sure it actually looks like a clickable graphic. 

Arrows and directive verbiage make it clear that the buy button entails taking action.

=> Check out the example to the right!

4.   The copy doesn’t identify the audience in the beginning. 

Unless you make it clear for whom the product or service is intended, you’ll lose the audience fast. At the very beginning of your sales page, identify the target market that will benefit the most from what you offer.

For an example of an impactful, audience-centric call out:

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who has a big vision and a plan to grow, but you really need some cash flow to bring your plans to life…

If you feel stuck at the starting gate, not knowing how to begin bringing in new business or making real money…

Notice how the copy identifies the audience’s desires and subsequently highlights their pain? That’s what keeps them reading (and gets them buying.)

5.   The sales page is too long (or too short.)

Where does the product fall in your sales cycle? If the sales page serves as lead generation, keep it short. On the other hand, if your sales page is a core offer, then it can be longer.

How short and how long?

A short sales page: 250-350 words.

A longer sales page: 1200-4000 words.  

6.   The product is there. The emotions? Not so much.

Buying decisions are equal parts logical and emotional benefits. Effective copywriters will construct a message that focuses on both sides of the equation. In more distinct terms, it’s great if your software increases email deliverability, but the more emotional element is that the buyer will achieve more sales.

Ready to have a high-converting sales page?

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