5 Ways to Build a Better Business Blog

If there’s one thing we learned about building a successful business blog, it’s how to repurpose content in fresh, new ways. For you avid Copy Doodle readers, we’ve compiled our top five blog posts to help you blog better.  Enjoy!

1. Why Your Blog Sucks (And How to Make It Better)

Follow these three guidelines to make your blog much more relatable and a lot less like listening to the teacher from Charlie Brown (wah wah wahh). Once you start envisioning your audience as one person, instead of an entire audience, blogging becomes much easier and effective.

2. How to Repurpose Blog Content without Repeating Yourself

Is repurposing blog content cheating? We wouldn’t be writing this post, if we thought so! Learn more on how to refurbish old content without duplicating or repeating yourself.

3. Blog for Business Faster and Easier With These Quick Tricks

Sometimes it’s tough to even know where to begin. Using templates that serve as an outline can help get the creative juices flowing. Before publishing, don’t forget to use the CUB method for review to check for blog clarity!

4. Three Easily Fixable Blog Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Does your blog have a high bounce rate? Chances are you’re making these three mistakes. Fear not-these mistakes are easily fixable. We have laid out the 3 solutions to your blogging woes.

5. Five Ways to Shake Up Your Blog

Feel like you’re writing the same old boring content over and over? Dare to be different. Here’s five ways to breathe new life into your blog.

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