5 Simple Rules of Sexy eCommerce Marketing Content


Converting eCommerce content is more than a simple product description that reveals the features.

Yes, it’s important to state what the product is and list features such as dimensions, sizes, colors, ingredients, etc.

But prospects don’t purchase products for the features.

They buy for emotional reasons.

So, it’s your job to show your online store visitors how specific products change their lives and how different they will feel and be after they purchase. Fail to do this, and you won’t see many Add to Cart clicks.

Don’t sweat it—with these 5 simple rules for sexy eCommerce marketing content, you’ll be set for success.

eCommerce Rule 1: Create the Experience

No one buys a table.

You might be saying to yourself, “Wait a minute…I have a table…you sit on a throne of lies!”

Let me explain.

You didn’t buy that table—you bought the experience of that table. You purchased the dinner conversations, the workspace, and the look and feel the table brought to the room.

Creating an experience is crucial to your conversion rate and building a tribe of returning customers.

You don’t sell soap—you sell the experience of lilac that relaxes someone in the shower and improves his or her social life.

You don’t sell a car—you create an experience of family safety, saving money on gas, and comfort on long trips.

You don’t sell nutritional supplements—you sell the chance for improved health and renewed vitality.

In the example below, you’ll see a blog from our client Dr. Michael Smith. This content makes the case for how a Tower Garden will provide ingredients to use in Crockpot recipes.

The messaging is geared toward busy, on-the-go individuals who don’t have the spare time to cook and highlights how a Tower Garden makes life easier.

Source: www.carolinasnaturalhealth.com

eCommerce Rule 2: Focus on the Benefits and Results

Even if someone buys the smallest trinket, that person is looking for a result.

Think back to when you were a kid, and you saw that bouncy ball in the quarter machine.

You may have begged mom or dad to fork over the change to purchase that toy.

When your dad gave in and handed you the quarter, he didn’t want you to have a toy—he wanted you to be happy.

That was the result and the benefit, which are the real end games of eCommerce marketing content.

As you create product descriptions and website content, factor in…

  • Short-term results. Example: if you sell exercise equipment, your product almost immediately increases the user’s heart rate.
  • Long-term results. Example: exercise equipment helps the user drop pounds over weeks of use.
  • Extension benefits. Example: exercise equipment fosters improved health, but may also lead to a more fulfilling social life.

eCommerce Rule 3: Use Storytelling, Storytelling, and More Storytelling

Product storytelling is not often seen in marketing content…

And that’s too bad.

When you leave out storytelling, you miss out on a captivating tool that allows your audience to visualize themselves using the product.

This performs two functions.

#1 Product storytelling paints the experience more vividly.

#2 Product storytelling futurecasts the results.

Below is an example of product storytelling in action. Notice how the content shies away from the product and places emphasis on the experience and nostalgia.

My darling little girl and her bicycle. She has a smile that stretches from rosy cheek to rosy cheek beneath the helmet atop her golden brown hair.

 She is perched proudly, if not hesitantly, atop her new bicycle. The training wheels give her confidence and hold her up while I take the picture.

 Our first house is behind her, framing her as if it too wants to shield her within its embrace. My daughter holds the handlebars like she is revving a motorcycle. 

 She is anxious to dart forward down the long sidewalk towards town. In my memory she is always telling me: “hurry up, we have to go around the block again, daddy.”

 She travels ahead of me, but never too far out of reach.  Never so far ahead that I can’t reach out and take hold if she stumbles or tips over.

Source: www.schwinnbikes.com

eCommerce Rule 4: Leverage Social Proof

For maximum effect, leverage social proof on your eCommerce website or store. No one wants to be “the first buyer,” as there is no guarantee that your product produces results.

With social proof, you effortlessly bypass that objection. See how this customer review promotes the product without the business owner saying a word.

It’s as simple as putting up a testimonial around a buy button—easy breezy.

eCommerce Rule 5: Educate the Audience 

Information is key.

The old adage rings true: “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

When you provide evidence to your audience, you shed light on needs your audience may not know they have.

In the example below, you’ll see a section of web copy on sports bras.

However, with the information provided, the audience understands WHY not all sports bras are created equal:

 EXPERT’S TIP: Our breasts are held by our Cooper’s ligaments, not by our chest muscles. Poor support and excessive prolonged bouncing causes stretching and pain during sports and exercise, especially if you are larger busted.

 If you have ever hurt from bouncing, that is those ligaments being damaged. And bounce can be very embarrassing. These factors often discourage and prevent girls and women from participation in exercise and sports. But this does not have to be, if you have the right sports bra, properly fitted to your true size and made for what you do!

Source: www.aperfectfitfrederick.com

It’s Simple, Really…

#1 Create an experience.

#2 Forecast results.

#3 Tell stories.

#4 Put in social proof.

#5 Provide education.

Do this, and you’re golden.

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