5 Best Practices to Keep Your Brand Storytelling Relevant

The Internet is polluted with tips, tricks, and advice on how to do just about anything. Because of this, the number one question most businesses are continually wondering is how they can make their brand stand out and remain relevant.

Wonder no more!

For all you Copy Doodle readers, we’ve compiled our top 5 best practices to help keep your brand storytelling relevant.  Bon appétit!

#1 SHARE, Don’t Tell.

Your prospect’s attention is the most valuable currency on the planet (hence the term “paying attention”).

If you want your brand storytelling to be relevant, think about which elements of a story grab your attention. Chances are, someone is sharing valuable information you want to know more about—enticing you to watch that video or click that link —rather than just telling you to “check this out.”

#2 Think “us” not “them.”

Prospects want to feel they can relate to your brand—which is easier to do when you meet them on their level. The key is not to make them feel you are reaching down to meet them but across to greet them.

Your brand storytelling has a better chance of connecting with prospects when they feel you understand them—and what they need. If your brand storytelling demonstrates you understand a prospect’s problem and have an effective solution to solve that problem, your product or service becomes relevant instantaneously.

#3 Be consistent.

As the old adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Distributing quality content on a consistent basis is the keystone of staying relevant in the fast-paced digital age.

When you engage your audience regularly, you become a part of their life experience.

Depending on the type of business you have, one blog post per week may be ideal or posting three times a week may prove more effective. Once your audience can depend on you to consistently meet a specific need for information or service, a one-time customer can easily become a lifetime client.

#4 Be authentic.

People instinctively know what your intentions are. Don’t B.S. them.

Your brand storytelling should “give it to ‘em straight—no chaser.” Share your story. Don’t be afraid to show transparency. As wise mothers have said since the beginning of time, just be yourself. Play up your strengths and exude confidence in those strengths.

If your brand is fun, the tone of your brand storytelling should be fun. If your brand is safe and reliable, then your brand voice should demonstrate those qualities respectively.

#5 Make them care.

Effective brand storytelling should always answer the question: why should this person care about my product or service?

People don’t care about your brand’s what until they know the why. Your service could be totally amazing but it’s likely that services similar to yours already exist.

What makes prospects connect with your brand is why you created it, why you’re offering it to them and why they should do business with you. Potential clients that feel a resonance with your “why” typically see themselves somewhere in your story.

Encouraging prospects to care is all about getting clear on who you are and why you’re in business.  As we shared in an earlier blog, When You Get Clear, You Get Clients, when you speak to everyone, you’re likely to get no one.

Remember, when your brand storytelling engages your clients and customers in a consistent and authentic way, you will consistently stay relevant, too.

Your Homework:

Create a checklist to see how your brand storytelling resonates with the 5 techniques mentioned above.

  • Do you share your story instead of telling it?
  • Does your story empathize with prospects or preach at them?
  • Is it authentic?
  • Is it consistent?
  • Does your story make people care about what you have to offer?

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