14 Email Marketing Strategies for Success


Email marketing is here to stay. In fact 73% of online businesses claim email marketing as their chief mode of communication—this according to Pardot.

(Source: https://www.pardot.com/blog/the-2015-email-marketing-landscape/)

While email marketing is central to most businesses, it’s not inherently successful.

That’s why we’ve collected our 14 best email marketing strategies.

First, we need to give a short background on WHY you should listen to our email marketing strategies.

This professional copywriting blog has come a long way since 2009—we’ve evolved in the wake of technological and industry shifts.

However, there is one staple that’s integral to Copy Doodle.

And that’s email marketing.

The reason…

How-to, action-based email marketing strategies help our readers engage with existing customers, reignite stale client relationships, launch products, and generate leads.

Because we love you, dear reader, we’ve collected the Greatest Hits of Our Email Marketing Strategies Blogs. See the catalogue below.

Blueprint for a Successful Marketing Funnel Launch

If you’ve been thinking about engineering a sales and marketing funnel (or tweaking your current one), keep reading to discover the must-have components that increase your opt-in rate, nurture your prospects, and increase your sales.

Read more.

Why You Should Add More Emotion to Your Post-Purchase Emails

When it comes to post-purchase email sequences, let’s just say there are a few things you must consider after a prospect becomes a customer.

Read more.

Content Strategy for Nurture Sequences: 5 Tips for Keeping It Fresh

Writing and implementing an effective email nurture sequence is a key part of any content marketing strategy. But in order to keep your list engaged, it’s essential to avoid repeating yourself over and over.

Read more.

3 Overlooked Post-Purchase Sequence Emails

Post-purchase sequences—as you enter this stage of digital marketing, you may feel as if the hard part is over. Your prospect has become a customer, so now it’s time for happy hour.

Not quite.

Read more.

4 Tips to Keep Marketing Emails Relevant

Genius entrepreneur and author Seth Godin once said, “If your email isn’t personal, it’s broken.”

It’s no secret that successful email marketing goes beyond plugging a product or service. The best marketing emails speak to the audience with relatable content.

Read more. 

Email Marketing: How Variety Will Convert

What do email marketing strategies have in common with going to a restaurant?

This is not a joke. This is serious stuff. So keep on reading…

Read more.

Post-Purchase Emails: Your Key to Ongoing Clients

You’ve made the sale. OK, awesome.

But are you nurturing your customers after they purchase? If you’re not, here’s why you should….

Read more.


The Email Marketing Lesson Your List Needs

A 2011 study of marketing emails around the world found that email marketers (i.e., anyone who sends emails as part of an overall marketing strategy) have seen their deliverability rates drop in the last year, from 81% in the first half of 2011 to just 76.5% in the second.

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Major Retailers’ Email Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

US retailers miss opportunities left and right to connect with customers. According to a recent study from ExactTarget, 79% of companies neglect to personalize emails after online purchases. Even more staggering, more than 25% of online stores forsake the welcome email to new subscribers, and 78% of online retailers never send cart abandonment emails. Ouch!

Read more.

Don’t Miss This Email Marketing Golden Opportunity

Whether someone has just subscribed to your newsletter / ezine, blog RSS feed, or company emails, or has registered for your upcoming webinar, sending a welcome email directly after a recipient has subscribed proves to be a golden opportunity to share your business message.

Read more.

3 Email Optimization Tips for Better Engagement and Open Rates

According to Forrester Research, marketers sent over 838 BILLION emails in 2013. (Sadly, Forrester didn’t say how many of those were “exciting opportunities” from princes in foreign countries.) Jokes aside, the reality is 838 billion is nothing to laugh at. 838 billion is a number that helps put your email marketing strategy into perspective.

Read more.

How to Nurture Prospective Buyers on Your List

Unfortunately, bad nurturing happens more than it doesn’t.

The complaints keep coming in from customers and clients about the following worst practices of online nurturing:

Read more.

Do Your Email Campaigns Need Some Serious Work?

When you check your email, chances are there are plenty of messages you delete without ever opening. Why? Because you aren’t interested in what they contain. They’re junk mail, or they’re trying to sell you something, or maybe you just know they’re going to be boring.

Read more.

B2C Post-Purchase Sequences: How to Nurture Product Buyers

With a 2-second Google search, marketers and business owners will find a cornucopia of post-purchase sequence guidelines. That is, as long as you run a B2B business. On the other hand, e-commerce and product-based businesses are left out.

Read more.

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