Interactive Marketing Spending: The Future of Marketing

November 12th, 2008

According to a recent Forrester Research study, interactive marketing spending will more than triple by 2012, reaching a high of $61 billion.

Interactive media is an extremely beneficial vehicle to implement marketing campaigns. These types of vehicles include email marketing, online video ads, social media, search marketing, and texting.

Customers demand new and improved products / services, and it’s important for your marketing campaigns to be fresh and innovative as well. With the increasing use of handheld internet devices, many consumers are using the internet to receive information, interact with others, and browse for entertainment purposes.

Differences between traditional media and interactive marketing:

·       More personal communication with customers. Posting videos on YouTube and advertising on MySpace and Facebook are excellent ways to create a more conversational and personal campaign. YouTube videos create the opportunity for you to post videos that may keep the attention of viewers longer than a print ad.

·       Develops two-way communication. Emails can be used to promote and advertise sales, new company products / services, and to keep customers up-to-date on company news. They can also be used to conduct surveys and derive responses from the viewer, creating a direct communication between company and customer.

·       Newsletters, subscriptions, and mailing-list sign-ups are popular among consumers interested specifically in what your company offers. These tools help you target your exact market and cater marketing campaigns toward this clientele.

Ebooks: Get on the Vehicle to Success

November 11th, 2008

Whoever thought reading could get easier and less expensive than it already is? It can with ebooks. Customers get direct internet access to your writing, quickly and inexpensively. No more shipping costs, wasting gas to go to a bookstore, and searching through three floors of books. It’s right there on the internet, saving you time and money.

Benefits for your customers:

·       They can store ebooks on computers and PDAs.

·       No more dog-eared pages. Digital bookmarks can be used for a clean save.

·       Instant delivery.

·       Offers an alternate reading option from books.

Benefits for your company:

·       Appeals to thousands of potential clients.

·       Enhances your credibility and shows customers you’re an expert in your field.

·       Potential for high profits.

·       Inexpensive to distribute.

·       Provides a spectrum of possibilities for your business. Ebooks can be used as a marketing tool for sharing information about new product lines, affiliate programs, industry information, tips, and much more.

·       Can be transformed into other mediums, further increasing profits.

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Ezines and Free Reports: Powerful Marketing Vehicles

November 4th, 2008

Sharing free tips and information about your industry to consumers is a great way to illustrate your professional expertise. Reliable information and tips can benefit consumers’ lives, helping them become better educated, solve a problem, or change their future actions.

Providing well-researched and helpful information to consumers builds customers’ trust in your company. In turn, this makes them more likely to purchase your products / services.

Ezines and free reports are excellent ways to compile information and tips for consumers since they’re free.

What creating ezines and free reports can do for you:

·       Ezines are free online articles that can drive more traffic to your website via a link at the bottom of your article. This inbound link can be clicked by potential clients, leading to a rapid increase in online sales and website viewers. Customers will associate the information they receive from the article to your company. Make sure the information is useful, focused, and relevant to your expertise. Ezines are also a great way to increase SEO with the utilization of keywords.


·       Free reports can be posted on your website or sent via email to your opt-in list, providing helpful tips, how-tos, and hints. Customers looking into your products / services will be more likely to purchase when they already find benefits through your free reports. They’ll associate the free reports’ benefits with your company and look forward to similar benefits through your products / services. 

Both ezines and free reports can be difficult to produce without the right marketing and writing skills. If you find yourself in a bind to produce a brilliant article or report, hiring the right professional copywriter can produce result-driven writing, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

3 Ways Your Business Can Thrive in Tough Economic Times

November 1st, 2008

A troubled economy doesn’t mean your company will fail.

In fact, quite the opposite. It’s an opportunity for your company to flourish.

Economic obstacles can be beneficial to companies because they force businesses to reevaluate marketing campaigns, business transactions, target markets, and products / services. After developing a stronger focus, the improvements will make your business more successful, increasing customers and profits.

Some businesses may think reassessing and changing business activities means more money out of their budget. This is a myth.

It’ll take a bit more time and effort to change the direction of your business in this troubled economy, but not necessarily more money.

Here are 3 free ways you can make your business thrive in uneasy times:

·       Submitting online articles to article directories are free. They’re an excellent way to appeal to potential clients and be viewed as an expert in your field. Putting inbound links to your website at the end of the article allows for more clicks to your website and provides a solid, quality link.


·       Blog. Creating a blog is free and produces similar benefits to those of an article. A constantly updated blog can also provide customers tips and news relevant to your company.


·       Frequency marketing programs can be extremely beneficial to your company since they’re used to increase sales, referrals, and your frequent-customer list. For example, a frequency marketing program can use a point system. Every dollar a customer spends earns them points, and once they reach 100 points, they receive 25% off the next purchase. There are numerous variations on frequency marketing programs, and many are implemented through sending emails to current clients.

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5 Tips for Creating Ezine Content

October 30th, 2008

Message from Michelle

In case you didn’t see my email yesterday, Michelle Salater Writing & Editorial, LLC, version 2.0 debuted this week with a new look, new features, and enhanced service pages. A special thanks goes out to James Eastman at Colophon New Media for working with me on the new look and design. If you haven’t already, please check it out.

I am so happy I have this ezine and a growing list to share the exciting changes like my site launch. I didn’t always feel this way.

Thinking back to when I first started my ezine, I loved writing them but struggled with the article focus. I had too many ideas but was hesitant to pick a topic and write on it. The result: my ezine was a pain and something I dreaded.

Sound familiar? How many of you loathe creating and writing content for your ezines? Come on, you know who you are.

Since I’ve learned how to focus and create content, I sit down, pick a topic on my idea list, and crank it out. Writing ezine issues is now easy and fun.

This issue, I share my top 5 content-generating ideas with you, in hopes that you’ll begin to find joy and ease in creating your ezines.

Feature Article

5 Tips for Creating Ezine Content

  1. Interview experts and associates. Interviewing people whose expertise will benefit your readers is an easy way to crank out your next issue. Send the person a list of questions and have them email back their answers. Clean up the copy and put it in Q&A format, send it back to them for review, and voilà, you have an article. Make sure to offer the interviewee a bio and plug at the end of the piece and to include a link to his or her website.
  1. Offer case studies. Showcase your expertise through the power of example. Ask a client if you can use them as an example of how you solved their specific problem and helped them succeed.
  1. Answer repeat questions. Make a list of the top 10 questions potential customers and current customers ask you on a regular basis. Then, turn each question into an article. See, already you have 10 article ideas. Answering customer concerns in an ezine will also help reduce those repeat questions. If you aren’t sure what your customers want to know, ask them. Send out a survey asking people what they want to learn more about. Another way is to ask your ezine subscribers to email you questions, and then answer each question in the next issue’s article.
  1. Make lists. Offer short articles with 5 or 10 tips or secrets on a topic that will help your readers. These are easy to crank out and should be kept short and sweet.
  1. Borrow an article. Article directories are full of free, useful articles you can borrow, providing you give the original author the credit and bio. You should only use other people’s articles occasionally. Your readers perceive you as the expert, and you want to keep it that way.

Want to see more marketing articles like this one? Visit Michelle’s marketing blog, Copy Doodle.

Tip of the Month

According to JupiterResearch, 87% of online consumers spent time online reading their emails in 2007.

What’s New

In the past few issues, I’ve been dropping hints on upcoming events you don’t want to miss. If you are ready to make 2009 the most profitable year using your website to generate clients and cash without spending a fortune, then you’ll want to be on the lookout for a BIG announcement in mid-November. We’re finalizing dates and details now…so stay tuned!

Whew hew! My website changes are complete. Web 2.0 design and blog-style feel reflect the company’s conscious focus on the future of the web and an effort to incorporate technologies that improve user experience. I invite you to check out the new design and updated services page and my renamed and revamped weblog, The Michelle Show.

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5 Tips to Get Organized and Be Less Stressed

October 23rd, 2008

The clutter is there. On your desk. In your office. In your car and briefcase.

Don’t ignore it.

Important documents, business cards, information, and, yes, sometimes bugs (especially in swampy areas where I live), can be found squashed between piles and piles of paper and folders. And when you need a document in that growing pile, it takes up too much of your time to sift through it all.

Creating a well-organized workspace will save you enormous amounts of time and frustration. And it will relieve unnecessary stress from your life. Solid structure is what keeps things from falling apart.

Here are some tips on getting your life on track with organization:

·       Hit delete. If your inbox is suffocating with the build-up of information you no longer need, toss it. It’s important to clear the way for new information and store any of the old in a folder on your computer. Seeing an organized inbox every day will make you feel less stressed.  

·       Store business cards and contact information in an alphabetical or categorical organizer. It will save you time when searching for a specific contact.

·       Organize important documents in folders, which should go in a file cabinet. It would be highly effective for you to have folders with personal information separate from business folders.

·       Finish a project before moving on to the next. This goes for business projects as well as home projects. Don’t put off what could be done today. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself overloaded with unfinished business and, therefore, more stressed.

·       Don’t save more than you need. Sometimes people save magazines, photos, books, newspapers, and other items that only create clutter. We even forget why we saved them in the first place. When going through a magazine, for example, take out the pages you need and place them into categorized folder. Throwing the rest of the magazine away will eliminate the extra space an entire magazine would take up.  

It’s not difficult to organize your life. With the right mindset and the right tools to get the job done, you’ll find yourself with more time and less stress.

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Benefits Make the Sale, Not Features

October 21st, 2008

Getting product feature happy on your website could be fatal to sales levels. Simply focusing on what a product looks like and how it operates isn’t enough to actually sell it. Customers aren’t likely to buy a product based just on features. They want to know the product will satisfy a need and be worth their hard-earned money.

Telling customers the benefits of your service or product shows them you care about their needs and satisfying those needs.

Here are some ways to turn features into benefits and increase sales: 

·       Find out what your target market needs to satisfy some aspect of their life. Think about how your product will benefit the customer, and design the features around those benefits.

·       On your website, present the features of your products / services, directly followed by how it will benefit the customer. You’ll lose customers if you don’t present them with why a product is worth purchasing. It must be of some value.

·       Here’s an example of how to attach a benefit to a feature:

o      Feature: This face lotion eliminates the harsh appearance of wrinkles

o      Benefit: so that you look ten years younger and healthier.

Presenting the entire package of a product is what adds value to it and persuades the customer to purchase.

Generate success for your small business and sign up for Your Business Marketing Solution, a biweekly ezine packed with marketing articles, tips, and stats.

How to Write Successful Headlines

October 19th, 2008

Writing successful headlines for your business marketing materials is extremely important. The right headline will get the attention of potential clients and help increase site traffic.

There’s a certain formula for writing headlines. Magazine and newspaper headlines are usually witty, creative, fun, and clever. Headlines for ebooks, sales letters, press releases, online articles, and blogs need to be more direct. They need to be rich in keywords to increase SEO and site traffic and usually lack some of that witty repartee found in magazine headlines.

Choosing the best keywords for your title is crucial in grabbing the attention of viewers and ranking high in search engines. Once you understand the components of a well-crafted and result-driven headline, you’ll keep viewers interested in reading further.

Here are some templates for creating headlines:

·       How to…

·       Discover…

·       Have You…

·       5 Ways…

·       Three Tips…

·       Does Your Website…

·       How to Do…

·       Is Your…

·       Free…

·       Save…

·       The Truth About / Behind…

·       Make More…

There are many other combinations you can use to create effective headlines, but these are some of the most popular and effective.

Use a phrase about the topic of your blog. Place a colon after it, and then explain the importance of the topic. For example, “Website Effectiveness: Discover Your Return on Investment,” or “Web Design: Do You Need an Update Now?”

To learn about our many result-driven writing services and get more tips on writing effective web copy, visit Michelle Salater Writing & Editorial, LLC.

Ghostwriters: The Little Secret to Success

October 17th, 2008

You’re craving to share your industry expertise with the world but can’t quite put your knowledge into words. Crafting a brilliant written piece consumes a great deal of time. Time you may not have. Fear not, there are professionals who can put your brilliant thoughts into a symphony of words.

These miracle workers are called ghostwriters. They don’t go bump in the night as their name implies. They are writers who work for you and remain unknown to others. They can place your knowledge into various successful vehicles, such as ebooks, online articles, press releases, blogs, you name it. If you don’t have the time or the particular talent for effective writing, a ghostwriter will put your ideas in any writing vehicle, in a way that will effectively reach your target market.

What a ghostwriter can do for you:

·       Create keyword-rich writing that will increase site traffic, reach thousands of potential customers, increase your company’s credibility, and boost sales.

·       Grab the attention of any client with creative, concise, and clear wording, which gets to the point, fast and effectively. 

·       Save you time that could be dedicated to other aspects of creating a successful company.

·       Research your industry and target market to create a result-driven ebook, article, press release, or any other writing need.

Want to learn more about our ghostwriting services? Visit Michelle Salater Writing & Editorial, LLC. 

The Marketing Power of an Online Press Release

October 16th, 2008

Message from Michelle

Welcome to the October 16 issue of Your Business Marketing Solution.

I cannot believe it’s the middle of October. I guess time flies when you’re busy working to grow a business. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much fun I have trying to grow my business and how lucky I am that every day I encounter new challenges that call on me to use my creativity in order to handle the issue at hand.

Growing a company, whether virtual or storefront, involves creativity, planning, and stepping out in faith. It also requires a great deal of marketing. If you want the prospects and the sales, you have to market.

In August, we covered how article marketing works to increase online visibility and bring in more customers. In this issue, we take a look at another tool, specifically, the benefits of online press releases and how they help enhance search engine optimization efforts.

Feature Article

The Marketing Power of an Online Press Release

Too many companies struggle with driving traffic to their website. When site traffic is minimal, sales are sluggish. Who wants that?

Investing in your SEO efforts is essential if your company is to be found by potential customers. While there are numerous ways to increase your online visibility, regularly posting a newsworthy press release online is a powerful strategy that will greatly boost your online presence.

When you post an online release that’s optimized with relevant keywords, it helps maximize your SEO efforts and drives more traffic to your website. Also, if the directory allows it (often they do, if you pay to upgrade), include keyword-rich links to various pages of your website in the body of the release. This helps boost search engine rankings and further increases site visits.

Regularly posting—or whenever you have something newsworthy—is also great for publicity, direct exposure, and name recognition. Companies, journalists, and the general public opt in to have specific types of press releases sent to them daily. If someone is looking for news related to your industry, the release is more likely to be picked up by the media or seen by a potential customer.

Another benefit of submitting newsworthy press releases online is that they are archived. One release will get exposure for a long time.

When writing a press release, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • The press release must be newsworthy and not an advertisement / plug for your service or product.
  • It must include your key message.
  • When announcing a new service or product, you must be clear about what it is and why it’s important.
  • Follow proper formatting guidelines.

Want to see more marketing articles like this one? Visit Michelle’s marketing blog, Sumer Blog.

Tip of the Month

comScore has reported that approximately half of all internet users visit an online news site in a given month.

What’s New

I want to give you a heads-up about my F*R*E*E telesclass on November 19 that will skyrocket your sales. In this call, I’ll show you proven strategies you can implement now to drive website traffic and increase sales quickly and with ease.

Be on the lookout for more detailed information about the teleclass in the weeks to come.

Also, over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you more about how you can make 2009 the most profitable year, using your website to generate clients and cash without spending a fortune. You’ll be the first to know about my upcoming Bootcamp scheduled to begin in January.

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About Michelle

Michelle Salater is an award-winning writer and owner of Michelle Salater Writing & Editorial, LLC, a copywriting company dedicated to helping small to midsized businesses increase their competitive edge, boost sales, and expand their online presence through stellar copy.

Michelle’s clients benefit from her seven-year experience as a freelance writer and her dedication to each client’s success. With an understanding of the business world, marketing strategies, SEO copywriting, and magazine publication, she offers a variety of copywriting services that address each client’s marketing needs. Her goal is to provide result-oriented copy, including web copy, SEO copywriting, ezines and newsletters, online articles, along with other marketing materials such as brochures, press releases, and ebooks.

Michelle resides in Charleston, South Carolina, with Mama Mia, a gorgeous dog she rescued from St. John, US Virgin Islands. She can be contacted at or 843-364-2401.

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