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Google’s Blog Ranking Criteria Revealed: Part II . . .

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Visit Part I of this blog post.

If you’ve already read Google’s Blog Ranking Criteria Revealed: Part I . . . I’m sorry to say, that Google uses even more criteria to rank the quality of your blog. It’s a tough life for blogs when it comes to Google Blogsearch, but with the right attitude, effective strategies, powerful networking techniques, and stellar writing, your blog will reach celebrity status on Google Blogsearch in no time.

So, what more could Google possibly be looking for to prove your blog’s popularity?

• The number of clicks on your blog link when it appears in search engines: If your blog link is continuously clicked on, it illustrates to Google that your blog is receiving a high concentration of readers. If your blog is clicked on more times in search engine results than other blogs, Google sees this as an excellent indicator of blog popularity.

• Inbound links on other blogrolls: The more reputable blogrolls your blog is linked to, the higher Google will rate your blog. Google takes blogrolls seriously because they contain constant outbound links to other blogs. This shows Google you probably have a high respect for and enjoy reading the blogs on your blogroll. Approach your favorite, reputable bloggers and request for them to put your blog on their blogroll. If they agree, you’ll have a strategically placed inbound link to your blog. This also expresses to Google that your blog isn’t SPAM. The more of these reputable inbound links you have, the higher Google will rank your blog.

• Appropriate tags for each blog entry: Tags are your blog’s keywords and are an extremely important factor when determining what your blog is about. Make sure your tags describe the blog post accurately. This will help viewers and Google determine what your blog post is about. Inaccurate tagging and over-tagging is frowned upon by both visitors and Google because it is a false representation of your blog content. It’s important to effectively use tags if you want to become a reputable blogger and increase targeted traffic while ranking high in Google Blogsearch.

Branding Your Company Online: What Message Are You Sending Online Viewers?

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Are you concerned about how customers perceive your brand image online? Perhaps your website currently isn’t a strong branding tool for you. If not, it should be.

Many businesses find that their message isn’t clear, effective, and targeted to their correct market. It can be extremely difficult for businesses to project an accurate message, encompassing a combination of their company’s products, beliefs, mission, and goals. The message is a mixture of several key elements, including effectively placing keywords to increase SEO, which makes the task of projecting company image quite precise and complicated.

Crafting your brand image online is an extremely important client attraction tool. With a result-driven business message, your targeted website visitors will understand the language and tone of the web copy, and the client will feel a stronger connection to your brand. Once this bond is established, the customers will be more inclined to take action and purchase from you.

The customer wants to feel compatible with all your company stands for. For example, if your brand image is high-end, a high-end client will be attracted and comfortable with this image and, in turn, will want to buy from you.

Since fashioning a company message online is both complex and important, it would be highly beneficial for your company to hire a professional copywriter.

A professional copywriter:
· Interviews the company to pull out key elements vital to the business message.
· Recognizes the company image and puts this image into the written word—the message.
· Creates well-crafted copy that speaks the language of the target market.
· Strategically places keywords to increase SEO.
· Facilitates a connection between the brand image and the client through the use of a creative tone in the copy.

If you’re uncomfortable with the message you’re sending potential customers online, it’s time to change this message and solidify a strong brand image.

SEO Efforts: Rank #1 in Search Engines with Effective Web Copy and Website Design

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Designing a company website requires some compromising. It involves the perfect balance between visually appealing and functional elements. It’s important that one element doesn’t dominate the other. This is where many companies go wrong.

Many times company websites are polluted with too much flash, pointless graphics, and unnecessary copy. The combination of these elements is a major risk factor for decreasing website SEO.

In order to ensure your website ranks #1 in search engines, you must adhere to some kind of compromise. Make sure your entire website isn’t in flash. Many people might think flash is more appealing—and it is at times—but it greatly reduces your SEO if overused. Flash limits the amount of copy you can have on your page. Great copy is your best chance at ranking #1 in search engines and should never be substituted for unnecessary elements.

Result-driven copy . . .
· Increases SEO with effective keywords placed throughout. It’s important that these keywords add to the message and mission of your company.
· Converts leads into sales and motivates visitors to take action on your website.
· Increases site traffic.
· Targets your company’s specific market and keeps them on your website.
· Works to reinforce your brand image. Compressed, informative, and concise web copy is easy to read, gets to the point, and expresses your brand image in merely a few sentences without compromising important details.

It’s important to hire a web designer and web copywriter who work toward expressing your brand image online. An excellent web designer will ensure your site is attractive and functional, while an effective web copywriter will guarantee your company message comes across accurately and thoroughly.

The functionality and visual elements of your website may require a slight compromise, but you shouldn’t compromise on a web copywriter and web designer who don’t understand your needs and message. Grow your business. Grow to success. Hire the right copywriter and web designer.

Attract More Clients: Perfect Your Business Image

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Your business image–from your marketing materials to your personal dress–affect potential clients’ perception of your company. First impressions are everything.

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Effective Navigation: The Key to Keeping Customers On Your Website

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The main goal of your company’s website is to get your target client to take action. If your navigation is confusing, they won’t take action because they won’t know how to.

Caution: This is where many businesses lose their customers. Easy navigation is crucial. Eliminating any ambiguity about where to look for information within a site is important.

Web copy works with design to help promote navigation through the site. Your website should encourage visitors to click on certain links, such as contact information, newsletter subscription, and the company’s blog. It’s important to have well-written web copy to motivate viewers to further investigate your site.

The four main things to remember about navigation: Make it simple. Make it fast. Make it clear. Make it work.

In a nutshell, your customers shouldn’t have to make too many decisions on your website. Too many websites have extra links they don’t need. If you give too many choices, you overwhelm the visitor, and they get frustrated and click out of your site.

People who visit your site are busy and can become impatient if they have to search your entire site to find what they need. Chances are, they won’t stick around to do that. Visitors want to get to what they need quickly and easily. If you make it too difficult, they’re gone, and they’ll buy from your competition. The more copy and graphics you throw at them, the more confused they’ll be, and then you’ve lost them. Your site needs to have strong focus.

Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

One of the greatest challenges companies face with their online presence is lack of time and effort to market their company online. One of the most important aspects of growing a booming business is to market your company online in the most efficient way possible.

Using social media resources to promote the presence of your business online drives website traffic, reaches thousands of potential clients, and gets you involved in your industry’s online community.   

Since social media marketing is one of the most important ways to grow your business online, it’s important to set aside a minimum of three hours a week to promote your business on various social media sources. You can reach out to thousands of potential clients by simply adding three hours a week of social marketing to your schedule. Your business will thank you.

Below are important social media marketing vehicles to utilize.

Video Posting

Videos are an excellent way to allow customers to see the face behind the business. According to comScore, a global internet information provider, internet users in the U.S. watched 13.5 billion videos in October 2008, which was a 45% increase from October 2007.

Video provides a personal connection to customers and allows you to show them how certain services are done, how you work, how the company works, how your product works, and so much more.

YouTube is one of the most popular sites to post videos, since thousands of potential clients view them. Developing a video for YouTube is simple and benefits your company tremendously. You can place the YouTube video on your website or blog to further promote your company.


Posting professional advice, information relating to your industry, company projects, and more on a blog, shows customers you’re an expert in your field and are passionate about getting the word out to the online community.

Commenting on other blogs relating to your industry, adding companies to your blog roll and vice versa, and using interactive media on your blog, all create an excellent haven of company / industry information. Using a call to action at the bottom of each blog post and linking it back to your website is an excellent way to bring in potential clients. 

Social Networking

Social media is the key to successful networking. There are many social media websites where you can post your company profile, interact with other companies, integrate yourself into the online community, and share information. Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, MySpace, and discussion forums are just a few places worth checking out. Facebook, for example, allows you to create a company page with your mission statement, basic information, photos, events, video, a place to put your logo, and an area where your blog is fed directly onto the page every time you add a post. Stay active on these sites by posting comments, joining groups, joining causes, and becoming a fan of company pages.

NOTE: Social media sites are not a place to simply promote your company / product / service. They’re a place to build relationships and network with others.

Recession Should Facilitate Positive Thinking

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

A year ago, many businesses could safely assume what worked for one successful business worked for all. This is not the case today.

Business practices and marketing strategies, which made a company successful last year, aren’t the same ones companies should implement today. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of this economic downturn and change the way you do business. It’s about marketing your company in a unique fashion and flipping past practices upside down.

The businesses succeeding during this time . . .

• Don’t simply follow trends—they’re ahead of the trends.
• Think outside the box.
• Educate themselves on the economy as a whole and in niche areas, not necessarily related to their industry.
• Analyze what other successful businesses are doing and put a unique spin on it.
• Acknowledge the negative aspects of this economy but do not dwell on them.
• Go the extra mile to discover what their competition isn’t doing.

Don’t let this recession frighten you into hiding. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get on top. Use your mind as your main tool and resource for creating a successful business during this time. This will help you exercise your creativity for the future benefits of your business.

Change the way you do business today, and succeed in this troubled economy. You won’t regret it.

Grow and Succeed in a Bad Economy

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

The following article and excercise was taken (with permission) from Envision Lifeworks LLC, From Purpose to Profit Ezine, Issue 5 dated 1/22/09.


Find a time and place where you can quietly take 15 minutes to think and reflect. This exercise starts by stirring up some of the gunk that clogs your ability to thrive - your limiting beliefs.

Start by thinking of five beliefs that you live with that really hold you back. You can expand the number later, but five will help you get the idea. For example, as a Conscious Entrepreneur, you may sometimes find yourself yielding to limiting beliefs like:

·         “I have to work harder than I do now to increase my prosperity.”

·         “I can’t succeed because of this bad economy.”

·         “Clients will never pay me the fees that more successful providers command.”

·         “Who am I to be creating this business? People are going to see right through me and think I’m a fake.”

Can you remember having these or other beliefs with a similar tone of negativity? Don’t be hard on yourself if you have. You’re in good company! Even the most successful entrepreneurs combat the occasional encroachment of disempowering beliefs. But that said, don’t stay there. Your success will grow if you go on to the next steps below.

Now we are going to turn this around. This year, and forever more, you are going to increasingly empower yourself by getting into the habit of doing two things.

1. Becoming actively aware of when you are yielding to beliefs that do not empower you. Awareness in itself is a big step forward, signaling that you are ready to grow beyond negative beliefs and into wonderful new territory.

2. U-Turning the disempowering belief. You will do this by identifying an opposite, empowering belief that you will choose to enjoy in place of its negative opposite. Then, when you become aware of the negative belief trying to creep in, you will actively choose to think the positive replacement instead.

Here is how you might U-Turn the negative examples above:

Disempowering Belief: I have to work harder than I do now to increase my prosperity. U-Turn with Empowering Belief: Prosperity comes with ease when I yield to Spirit’s plan for my life.

Disempowering Belief: I can’t succeed because of this bad economy. Empowering Belief: Many entrepreneurs are thriving right now. I have chosen to grow and succeed along with them.

Disempowering Belief: Clients will never pay me the fees that more successful providers command. Empowering Belief: I provide great value to my clients and help improve their lives, and for that I deserve to be well-compensated.

Disempowering Belief: Who am I to be creating this business? People are going to see right through me and think I’m a fake. Empowering Belief:In building this business, I am being my most authentic self and using my genuine talents to succeed.

I know some will smirk and dismiss this approach as Pollyannaish or just a gimmick for “tricking” yourself into avoiding reality. I am not asking you to put on rose-colored glasses or deny physical realities like gravity and sunshine.

But your thoughts and your beliefs are a different matter. You have a choice. You have free will.

What I am suggesting is that you exercise this choice and take complete responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs.

We all go through life endowing our strongly-held beliefs with the sacred status of “the truth,” whether these “truths” serve us or not. But know this: beliefs that are founded on negative drivers, like fear and doubt, are just your ego’s attempt to protect you. Yes, your ego means well, but it will often do this by keeping you small with “truths” that prevent you playing big and making positive changes.

In choosing to U-Turn your limiting beliefs, you are exercising veto power over your ego and choosing to be and play bigger in life.

Each time you do this, you are choosing to grow and become stronger.

So try it!

Practice becoming aware of beliefs that don’t serve you, beliefs that just bring you down. Give yourself credit even if at first you get just that far. Then, practice taking a fast and sharp U-Turn on that stinkin’ thinkin’.  Peel some rubber as you turn your thoughts around to positive beliefs of your choosing. Then hit the pedal to the metal down the road of success and prosperity!

About the author:  Julio Blanco is a certified coach, veteran marketer, and conscious entrepreneur. As owner of Envision Lifeworks LLC, he champions other conscious entrepreneurs to align their business with their purpose and to achieve the abundance they desire on their own terms. He is the author of the from PURPOSE to PROFIT Ezine and serves clients through individual and group coaching, seminars, and public speaking. For more information, please visit

Save Your Business: 5 Ways to Stop Freaking Out About the Economy

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, scared? Here are five simple ways to avoid freaking out:

1) Stop listening to the news. If you listen to the news, read papers, participate in negative gloom-and-doom conversations, then stop. Try taking a week break from listening to the media reports. You’ll be amazed how much happier and less-stressed you will be.

2) Treat yourself to something nice. Take a walk, take a bath, take yourself to dinner. Whatever you do, do something for yourself. 

3) Sit down and write a list of what’s going right in your business and what’s going wrong. Take the list of what’s going right and focus on ways to do more of that. Evaluate what’s not going right and ask yourself why. Brainstorm a bit. Either stop doing what’s not working or find a way to make it work.

4) Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. 

5) Ask mentors for advice. Every business owner should have a mentor. You cannot operate in a vacuum, and seeking the advice of someone outside of your daily struggles will help you refocus and stay on track.

Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Business

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Now is a critical time for businesses to invest in their marketing.

According to a McGraw-Hill study, businesses that maintained or increased their marketing during the 1981-82 recession:

–Averaged higher sales growth during the recession and over the next three years, and by 1985, had increased sales 256% over those companies that cut marketing…

–Then in 2001, another study found that aggressive marketers increased market share 2½ times the average for all businesses in the post-recession!

Those who stepped up their marketing were the big winners during and after the recession.

The time to grow your business is now

The most effective way to grow your business is to invest in your online presence. If you don’t have a website, now invest in one. If your site is stale and the content is outdated, now is the time to revamp it.

Your website is the easiest and fastest way to advertise your services or product. But there’s a catch: you have 3 to 5 seconds to grab a prospective client’s attention.

One. Two. Three. And they are gone.

And with millions of websites to choose from, the competition is fierce. Want to stay ahead of the crowd, rank high on search engines, and reach millions of prospective customers? 

You must have compelling web copy.

Having a clear business message on your website is the #1 action you can take to attract ideal clients online and skyrocket your sales. 

Your marketing message must speak to your target audience. Give them what they are hungry for. Get them to take action. Communicate in a clear, concise, informative way.

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