Post Purchase Emails: Your Key to Ongoing Clients

You’ve made the sale. OK, awesome. But are you nurturing your customers after they purchase? If you’re not, here’s why you should…. According to HubSpot’s recent findings, nurturing is the one marketing strategy that locks in returning customers… And returning customers are exactly what you’re missing out on. If you’re a data ...Read More

5 Content Marketing Hacks

When it comes to content marketing, business owners and marketing professionals alike face a gauntlet of obstacles. From seeing to clients, to travelling to conferences, content creation often falls by the wayside. If you’re reluctant toward content marketing, heads-up… Your power as an entrepreneur is measured not only by what you know, ...Read More

Why Niche Audiences Get Bored with Marketing Content

This one goes out to the niche business owners out there. You have a business that caters to a very targeted market. The marketing content you provide for your audience focuses on one very specific element… Something along the lines of how to get your Burmese Python to perform party tricks. Or ...Read More

The Most Overlooked Split Testing Variable

Dear reader, you’re about to see the most overlooked and under-utilized split testing variable. First, I’ll dispel a few misunderstandings about how to measure your sales page success.   When it comes to split testing your landing pages, it’s all about the headlines, right? Sales page headlines are what your prospects read ...Read More

Marketing Plagiarism: A Brief Case Study

Yes, marketing plagiarism happens. More often than you think. And when you work tirelessly on copywriting that compels and converts, this thievery is a real bummer. If you think that some cloak-and-dagger copywriting criminal won’t sneak away with your content, listen to what happened to one of our clients. **Full disclosure: in ...Read More

Waiting to Revamp Your Website Message? You’re Losing Money.

“I’m waiting to revamp my website message.”   You might as well wait until flying saucers land in your backyard or someone invents calorie-free ice cream… Because waiting to rework your website copy translates into losing money. I get you have a budget. I get it isn’t always cheap to revamp a ...Read More

5 Marketing Phrases You Might Not Know About

According to Infoplease, there are 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Most people I know can speak one or two languages. While I’ve met people who can speak several languages, doing so is not the norm. What is very normal, however, is speaking the language of your job. Take it from someone ...Read More

How to Generate Online Leads without Overspending

Do you know how much you pay per lead? Cost per lead is not always a clear metric to measure. When you factor in things such as branding and word-of-mouth marketing, it’s hard to place a figure on things you can’t track.  Let’s say you create a new company logo. You spend ...Read More

3 Ways to Compete With Bigger Businesses

You know the one about David and Goliath, right? It’s a story where someone smaller takes on a giant. You see this scenario played out in a lot of movies and stories today. Take the movie Rudy, for example. Here’s a kid that didn’t have a chance playing in the big leagues, ...Read More

The Psychology of Color in Your Marketing Strategy

Feeling blue today? I’m sorry. Things will get better. Please don’t cry. Why so red in the face? You seem angry! Or maybe you’re frustrated. Please take deep breaths, and count to ten. Colors have a language of their own. We assign colors to feelings, emotions, and behavior. What’s interesting about color ...Read More
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