Content Marketing Ideas for Attracting More Prospects

  I love it when restaurants sell the same ingredients they cook with. For example, there’s this Cuban restaurant with the most spectacular chicken dish. They use a garlic, lemon, and onion sauce that makes my mouth water—in fact, their Famoso Pollo is THE most requested meal. This restaurant knows the value ...Read More

Top 5 Copywriting Posts on Copy Doodle

While we cover a lot of topics on Copy Doodle, the one thing we come back to time and time again is copywriting. Instead of having you spend time searching for copywriting tips and advice, we’ve dug up our 5 most informative copywriting posts on Copy Doodle. Take a look, and click ...Read More

Debunking Content Marketing’s Biggest Myth

As you can see in the nearby chart, the phrase content marketing in news headlines increases year after year. The term content marketing provides a new way for a business to understand marketing, which is interesting because content (e.g., catalogs, brochures, white papers, etc.) and marketing are not necessarily new things. The ...Read More

25 Website Traffic and Conversion Tips

Pardon the short intro, but we have a lot to share in this post about website conversion. Rather than post a “how-to” guide or an in-depth article about a specific subject, we’re listing dozens of traffic and website copywriting and conversion tips. Scan this list and see what you can put to ...Read More

A Quick Guide to A Unique Selling Position — The Backbone of All Marketing Efforts

There’s one thing you must do before you create an ad for your business, draft a script for your sales team, or write one word of copy on your website. This one step is the backbone of every single piece of your online AND offline marketing. Not having a universal and compelling ...Read More

Why Your Blog Sucks (And How to Make It Better)

Blogging for small businesses… Well, a lot of content out there bites the big weenie. It’s not you, promise. You may be an award-winning writer who makes Kurt Vonnegut shake in his loafers, but that doesn’t mean your blog does what it’s supposed to do. And what exactly is it that a ...Read More

Post Purchase Emails: Your Key to Ongoing Clients

You’ve made the sale. OK, awesome. But are you nurturing your customers after they purchase? If you’re not, here’s why you should…. According to HubSpot’s recent findings, nurturing is the one marketing strategy that locks in returning customers… And returning customers are exactly what you’re missing out on. If you’re a data ...Read More

5 Content Marketing Hacks

When it comes to content marketing, business owners and marketing professionals alike face a gauntlet of obstacles. From seeing to clients, to travelling to conferences, content creation often falls by the wayside. If you’re reluctant toward content marketing, heads-up… Your power as an entrepreneur is measured not only by what you know, ...Read More

Why Niche Audiences Get Bored with Marketing Content

This one goes out to the niche business owners out there. You have a business that caters to a very targeted market. The marketing content you provide for your audience focuses on one very specific element… Something along the lines of how to get your Burmese Python to perform party tricks. Or ...Read More

The Most Overlooked Split Testing Variable

Dear reader, you’re about to see the most overlooked and under-utilized split testing variable. First, I’ll dispel a few misunderstandings about how to measure your sales page success.   When it comes to split testing your landing pages, it’s all about the headlines, right? Sales page headlines are what your prospects read ...Read More
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