These 10 Articles Will Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

Consider this a quickie. In this post, we put together a collection of the ten best B2B content marketing tips on both our site and on the web. Are you looking for B2B gift ideas? In this post, titled 4 Tips for B2B Gift-Giving, Sūmèr shows you four difference ways to make ...Read More

6 B2B Content Marketing Principles That You Need to Follow Now

Our professional copywriters never create any message using a rulebook . We simply live by one content marketing code: it’s all about the audience. If you work within the B2B model, you know all-too-well that your audience has specific needs. And that your content must center on those needs in order to ...Read More

Content Marketing Scarcity in the Zombie Apocalypse

Writers who pen AMC’s The Walking Dead have no mercy for their dedicated audience, and yet millions of people tune in every week. Translation: the moment one character develops an origin story, and the audience feels affection toward him or her, that’s when s/he meets their demise. (Ahem: this is actually a ...Read More

Forget Keywords. Relevance Is the Real SEO Magic

There’s an SEO myth floating out there in Internet Marketing Land. Many small business owners have fallen victim to this vicious misconception… The Great Keyword Trap. But really keywords are one of the last things you should worry about. Here’s what I mean: so often web copy gets bogged down with repetitive ...Read More

How House of Cards Changed Content Consumption

The first rule of content marketing: get the audience to digest it all and react. That’s exactly what Netflix’s House of Cards accomplished, but in a way that changed content consumption as a whole. In fact, half a million people devoured thirteen hours’ worth of entertainment during Valentine’s Day weekend. That statistic speaks volumes ...Read More

5 Places to Find Material for Creating New Content

Content is an element of the internet, much like wood is an element of the Earth. Both elements are solid– and without content or wood, people would not have the materials to build. Since the beginning of time, humans have managed to create amazing things from the planet’s elements. When we were ...Read More

How To Generate Quality Website Leads

If you are a business owner or marketing professional looking to IMPROVE your website content so you can generate quality leads, engage visitors, and CONVERT more prospects, then our upcoming web training will be extremely valuable to your bottom line. The title says it all: “How to Generate Quality Website Leads & Turn Unconvinced ...Read More

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile Using the Science of Attraction

LinkedIn says there are over 277,000,000 registered members on the number one social network for professionals. The infograph below shows where most of these 270+ million members are located. Where the 270+ million registered members on LinkedIn are located If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve obviously got some competition. Even searching for specific ...Read More

3 Easily Fixable Blog Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If you have a high bounce rate on your blog, there’s a good chance you’re making one or more of these three blogging mistakes. Fear not – these blogging mistakes are easily fixable. In this post, we’ll show you the “dos” and “don’ts” of blogging, so you can decrease your bounce rate. ...Read More

Repurpose Your Webinar Content (Without Feeling Like You Cheated)

Content is meant to shared and absorbed. When it comes to webinar content, many business owners feel as if they have only the presentation time to deliver the message to a limited audience. That’s simply untrue. Your webinar content serves as a springboard to deliver your audience new and helpful content, and ...Read More
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